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Man Cave Soap and Body Butter Set

in: Gift Sets



This one is for the fellas. Are you wanting to have that healthy skin glow but don't want to smell like flowers or candy? Than this is the set for you and I am sure you will be back to get more.

With scents like eucalyptus and coconut along with some other notes. This light but prominent scent automatically made think of you guys. Because let's face it, we women dominant. But, this will definitely set you apart from all the other products you use because on top of keeping you smelling good, your skin will improve by being more soft to the touch. Sounds like a win-win to me fellas.

So try this set out for starters. If you like it, then you can upgrade when the larger size is available.

If you want to know when the larger sizes are available, just drop me an email here: