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Gift Set Sugar Scrub and Body Butter Set

Sugar Scrub and Body Butter Set - Orange and Clove - Gift Set

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You are viewing our Sugar Scrub and Body Butter Set in Orange and Clove Gift Set.

Don't know what to get them for a gift, but you want something special. This is definitely what you want.

You need to treat dry skin before if overtakes you this year. This combo is a little one two punch of what you need right now. The scrub helps you exfoliate your dead skin cells that are keeping you itchy and dry. The body butter locks in the moisture after you after clean off the exfoliant to have continual soft skin for the rest of the day and night. The scent of Orange and Clove will take you to your happy place after using.

The item come in a festive box ready for you to give to your loved one or to yourself as a gift.