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National Green Juice Day

Juicing helps to detox, start weight loss and is good for overall health. The fruits and vegetables we have available to us help us internally and show our natural glow on the outside.

Things like cucumber, ginger and parsley have potent benefits to our hair, skin and nails. Swipe this recipe and try it out.

Do you currently juice or have you ever juiced before?

National Get To Know Your Customer Day

Several times a year I want to highlight two of my current customers to show my appreciation for their business and support in our company. Without them there is no Shea Bath.


She has been a long time support of Shea Bath products since we started the company. Her all time favorite product is the Goat's Milk Oats and Honey Soap as well as the Unscented Whipped Shea Body Butter. She and her daughter have a new found love in our Peppermint Soap. So much so that they have to buy their own stock to keep for themselves. No sharing allowed.




Giveaway Winners Revealed

This is a late post because I already announced who our giveaway winners were to our email customers. But I see I failed to make that announcement here. So here they are and they will be receiving a 2oz jar of our sugar scrub and body butter for winning.

Happy Thanksgiving from Shea Bath

We want to wish you and yours a Blessed Thanksgiving!


Top Seller - Goat's Milk Oats & Honey Available Now

Re-introducing our top seller to date - Goat's Milk Oats and Honey Soap!



Soap of the Week - Apple & Green Tea Biscotti


Our Soap of the Week is our Apple & Green Tea Biscotti Soap.

One of our top customers, Marie has this to say about this creation:

The ABSOLUTE best LOVE it - Soure our Facebook Fan Page (Shea Bath)

Video Chronicles - What do you put on your skin?

 Shea Bath Video Chronicles. 

What you put on your skin does matter. You probably do not think about it. But your skin is an organ that breathes. The things we put on our skin either gives it life or gives us death. Ohhh that is deep and I did not get that in the scope. LOL.


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